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Christmas Crafts & Colouring Pages!


HO!! Ho!! ho!!  Now what would Christmas be without pages to colour!  Find a picture you like below and then click on it to get the full-size version.  (Use your browser's "back button" to return to this page afterwards).  Get an adult to print the page for you & then you can color it and leave it for Santa to see Christmas Eve!  Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Bells
Santa Claus' sleigh and presents
Santa and wreath
Christmas toy train with presents
Christmas bells
baby reindeer Rudolph
Santa Workshop scene
Santa, tree & family
Santa flying with reindeer & sleigh
Santa and Family
teddy bear & presents
Santa Claus and toy bag
Santa Claus
Hanging stockings by the fireplace
Frosty the Snowman!
Santa Claus & office presents
Santa Claus and his toy sack
Santa Claus and the North Pole
Toy soldier, teddy bear & stocking

Please Note:  The electronic files of the images are not for redistribution or sale.

Craft Ideas:  

1.  After you colour a page (or two), get an adult to glue the page(s) to a thin piece of cardboard (e.g. from a cereal box) and make it into a special ornament that *you* made for the Christmas tree! (this works best if you shrink the coloring page down in size first). 

2.  Make your own wrapping paper!  After you colour a page, use it to wrap up a present for someone special!