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"Santa's Naughty or Nice List"

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I'm making a list... checking it twice! Check whether you're on Santa's Naughty or Nice List by answering a few quick questions below.  Remember, your ranking will go straight to Santa's "Naughty or Nice List" so no fibbing!  (After all, you never know when an elf might be watching!)  Merry Christmas!

Hmm, I wonder what list that elf has in his hand?!?!


~ The Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator ~

What is your first name?

Do you play nicely with others?

Do you keep your room clean?

Do you tell the truth, even if someone asks if you did something naughty?

What are you leaving Santa for a snack this year?


Oh goody!  I just love finding out who's been naughty or nice!

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